How does the
procedure work?
This quick and easy test starts with your detailed
medical history being taken before you partially
disrobe for the scanning to be performed.
The images are part of a graded analysis including
breast, OB-GYN, thyroid, endocrine, visceral, and
autonomic status to provide a holistic view of
overall health and future risk levels which can be
used as part of a preventative health program.
• Non invasive
• No radiation
• Painless
• Non contact
• F.D.A cleared
Who is the
procedure for?
Functional Health encompasses so many potential
areas that affect women of every age and medical
history that a wholistic approach is needed to make
sense of the individual’s history and symptoms as
well as the physiological testing results provided
by a DITI women’s health check.
This functional health check addresses all agerelated
challenges as well as evaluation and
grading of the Head & neck, Breast & chest
and Abdomen.
DITI looks for findings that may indicate Autonomic
/ Autoimmune dysfunction, Endocrine / Adrenal
system dysfunction, vascular, lymphatic and breast
health dysfunction, which are all pivotal to overall
health of women of any age.

The Benefits

  • More advanced and more specific than any other
    women’s health thermography screening
  • Opportunity to detect changes earlier than
    possible through self examination, doctor
    examination and diagnostic testing alone
  • More comprehensive than breast
    thermography screening alone
  • Weighted for analysis and specific to female
    symptoms that may relate to thyroid dysfunction,
    estrogen dominance or genitourinary dysfunction