About Us

Dana Baze grew up in sunny Seal Beach, California. She has always been passionate about alternative medicine and living a holistic life.

Through her own personal journey, she was introduced to the benefits of thermography. In 2017 her first thermogram revealed no abnormalities. However, in 2018 after experiencing moderate pain in her breast she scheduled a follow-up thermogram, which indicated changes from her original reading: “Thermal patterns and temperature differentials have increased in a linear and focal manner to the 2/3 o’clock central and peripheral/tail regions of the left breast. “

Such findings may indicate early neovascularity and further investigation including repeat imaging was recommended. Vascular patterns have been known to suggest pathology. In Dana’s case, a follow-up mammogram was inconclusive, but ultrasound revealed a cyst in the same area as the thermal activity.

From that point on, Dana knew that she needed to spread the word. She is now a certified clinical thermographer and owner of OC Thermography. Dana is also a licensed esthetician and is a trainer for Oncology Spa Solutions.



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